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Mobappa is a Web and Social Media Agency for website creation, building e-commerce, online shops, social media marketing, Facebook pages with the ambition to rewrite the concept of Internet sites, also applying to smaller marketing concepts work and strategy aimed at monetizing the customer's investment.
Leader Mobile is the first network of agencies specializing in Mobile Marketing. Founded in 2002, the Leader Mobile network in 13 years has earned the trust of 20,000 companies. And 'one of the most influential providers of mobile marketing services, with the aim of increasing the visibility and sales of our customers.
The U.S.A.R.C.I. is the Union Trade Unions, Agents and Representatives of Italian Commerce, that is, the structure representing trade union agents at trade union level. A set totally free from any party tie. USARCI is structured with provincial and regional offices throughout the territory. The national headquarters from Rome coordinates the work of the entire organization.

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