Web Marketing Strategies

  • Would you like to receive continuously new contacts every day without spending anything on advertising?
  • Would you like to spread your brand and your company's stories and make everyone speak better about you?
  • Would you like to cut your company's advertising costs totally taking advantage of the major new marketing channels: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google AdWords, LinkedIn ... to obtain new market segments?

We are facing a big change, in which the customer became difficult to conquer but there are methods to be able to sell in this difficult market. With Web Marketing we place these methods at your disposal and will pave the way to ensure that your customers find you (as you found us) and not the other way around! With our assistance you will:

  1. be found
  2. present your products in a clear and appealing way
  3. excite and urge users to ask for a contact with your company to satisfy their need for information
  4. cure the relationship with the user over time building loyalty and establish a trusted relationship 
  5. conclude the sale

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How does a client decides when he needs to buy something?

Based on how much it costs? Or on the basis of what they need? Or as far as it is worth, in the sense that it meets their expectations?

This change is the condition to succeed and for theWeb Marketing strategiesis a prerequisite.

Every company needs to know directly from their customers, what gives them more satisfaction. The success lies in helping them to do, rather than to convince them to do.

Create a web marketing strategy means to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and transmitting what the business can offer, in the different and new ways of communicating and new communication channels.

The web must become the center of the communication system of any business activity, regardless of the size of a handicraft, professional or large structured company.

Web marketing is marketing, although too often we tend to confuse it as a computer development project or online media.


Step 1: Industry and competition analysis, market and customer segment

Step 2: (possible) Re-defining the mission, vision and values of the company

Step 3:(possible) Re-defining the operational structure

Step 4: Re-setting goals

Step 5: Elaboration of a strategic plan

Step 6: Definition of systems, policies and strategies to achieve goals

Step 7: Definition of the operational plan is necessary to achieve the objectives

Step 8: Implement your project

Step 9: Monitoring and adjustment of the project according to your needs

Step 10: Analysis of the results and future action definitions


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