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The Email Marketing consists of sending bulk e-mail messages and represents one of the most effective methods for acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

The way to communicate with your users easy, fast and cheap!

With Email Marketing, you can inform your contacts about the arrival of a new product or a new service offered by your company.

With an item you can reach in one shot a vast group of people and make them aware of your news, important information, a curiosity that you would like them to know, or a service that you just created in your company.

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    If you need a direct, immediate tool and that will allow you to measure the results Email Marketing is the strategy you need.

    Email marketing

    Sell, inform, retain
    Very useful tool both to sell your services/products, and to inform customers and maintain relationships with them

    Reach the right people
    You can allocate the emails of your campaigns to a precise and well-defined user group

    Measure the results
    You can constantly monitor the statistics of your campaigns, as the rate of delivery, openness, CTR, conversions etc.

    Lack of trust for contact forms? No problem!

    What we do

    Our Offer

    Creation and analysis database
    You already have a contact list? We organize your db and analyse its potential to make the most of it. If you don’t have it, we study a targeted strategy for the collection of your prospects

    Creating chart templates
    Creation and basic graphic scheme setting you want for your communication. The Template connects at a glance what you say about your business. Build according to your brand identity and your style

    Graphic design & text
    A publishing plan tailored to your needs. Study, finding material and setting texts, arranged together, every single campaign

    Contact Form on the website
    Sync and install our website contact form to collect leads and synchronization with the Dem campaigns

    Monitoring and reporting
    Periodic reporting and analysis for each mailing: how many people opened your email communication, how many have read and how many have clicked

    Support and assistance
    We are always open and available for help, changes and updates